Friday, June 26, 2009

A Note to Prospective Restaurant Brand's Shareholders

There has been market talk in the past and more out today about how positive things look for Restaurant Brands [RBD.NZ] profit next year.

Yes, profit will be up marginally from last year and substantially from the last few years but this company really has had a dreadful past, so any increase in profit will look good.

I am not sure whether anyone follows this company closely in the broker/choker set but if they do they were either in nappies when the company listed back in 1997, too lazy to analyze the company's history properly, or ignoring the bleeding obvious simply because the stock will be back in the NZX 50 next week and brokers will have to add the stock to their index funds - read pump and dump.

While South African CEO Russel Creedy has done a much better job than any leader the company has had, he has gotten the company out of the fast food graveyard by focusing on cutting costs, speeding up service times and levels of service (my experience from gorging at KFC for the last 15 years and being a large RBD shareholder in the past) the industry that his company operates in is notoriously cyclical.

Fast food is currently undergoing a renaissance of sorts because of dire economic circumstances and people are looking for cheaper places to eat. RBD is now in the upper part of the fast food cycle, in fact I mentioned about ten years ago that its business cycle is up and down more than a cheap Krd hooker, anyway, that aside, my bet is that the stock may even race up to one and a half dollars or more from its current 1.02.


It has moved over the last couple of months ago from a low of 57c a stock price it last reached in the late 90s.

My point is if you are interested in buying into this stock, be warned that you should be there for the long-term because its stock price will come down again when it moves back off the peak of its economic cycle and once again struggles to maintain profit.

You have been warned dear readers but as always, do your own research.

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