Monday, June 8, 2009

(UPDATE) TVNZ Follows China with Wendy Petrie censorship

           A picture of said fist pump

I wasn't going to post the Wendy Petrie (dish?) Youtube clip where she punches the air after David Bain trial coverage , just like the synapses in her little blond head are doubtless doing the same, until TVNZ got all high and mighty about it because they wanted the clip removed.

This was apparently due to the fact that it harmed the State broadcasters "image" - they mean the image of a left leaning muck-raker that spoon feeds its viewers with opinion dressed as fact.

So here for your enjoyment is the offending clip. It is  not viewable from the Youtube website which says the clip "cannot be view from your country" because TVNZ have come down on them.

Guess they cant report on China doing the same with the internet?

Doesn't Wendy's hair look great though?!

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