Monday, June 29, 2009

Aaron Bhatnagar Nuts off, Again

Further to the personal attack from local politician directed towards me over my mild criticism of his distasteful attack on a dead person, Michael Jackson in this particular case, Aaron Bhatnagar has another go on his blog, this time during office hours, on ratepayer time .

He makes a reference to a website put up by someone with distasteful, slanderous stuff written about me, putting my family in danger because he asks people to look at it, because it contains information that shouldn't be on the net and simply isn't true.

Is this the sort of individual that should be representing you, causing trouble for a fellow Aucklander?

In my opinion we need higher standards for our Pollies and Aaron just doesn't fit that bill.

I will let you be the judge of that dear reader.

This will be the end of the matter, as I dont want to give Aaron the attention he so clearly lacks.

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