Saturday, June 6, 2009

Danny Diab & Restaurant Brands

Well, he has finally done it.

Over the years Danny Diab, franchisee of a number of Pizza Hut stores in Sydney and a director of Restaurant Brands Ltd [RBD.NZ] has managed to cobble together a holding of 5% in the company that he works for.

He hasn't had to shell out a huge amount of money to get his holding of almost 5 million shares, as the share price of the company has been predominantly below NZ$1.50 since he has been on the board and well below $1.00 for the best part of a year.

We know he is a successful Pizza Hut operator in Australia but there is alot we don't know about the man and his possible motivations for owning such a large stake of RBD.

Lets have a look at his investment strategy first.

He owns his RBD holding through his investment vehicle Diab Group and we can understand his motivation for getting into RBD as an investment because he has experience in the QSR industry, through hands on experience and through his investment philosophy:

Our investment philosophy is to deliver long term growth while managing risk. Relying on detailed research data and a proven approach to investment success, we:
  • Construct a portfolio that manages risk while maximising long-term performance.
  • Establish optimal asset allocation.
  • Select a mix of investments to provide the best possible return for our level of risk tolerance.
To ensure we stay the course during a variety of market conditions. Diab Investments seeks long-term capital appreciation by committing equity to:
  • high-quality companies with superior management
  • high-quality index products with significant downside protection
  • high-quality interest bearing warrants / convertible notes
  • By leveraging the capabilities broadly available within the group, we aim to generate superior returns.
The Diab Group integrates a diverse portfolio of companies which operate in the advisory, quick service restaurants, manufacturing and investment markets.

We already know Danny is a long term investor because he has been with RBD for around 7 years as an investor and latter as a non-executive director but what of his continued future with RBD?

We can only guess but it would be natural to assume that he would want to continue to increase his shareholding in the company and there is nothing that motivates an individual to do more or work harder than owning a large financial stake.

His continued presence on the RBD board and as one of the largest investors in the company is something that should encourage long suffering shareholders.

RBD shares were up 1c yesterday to 99c on reasonable volume.

*while Danny has a big presence on the internet he must be camera shy because I couldn't find a photo of him.

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