Saturday, June 6, 2009

CSPAN: President Obama Speech to Muslim World in Cairo

So Barrack "The Man with a Plan" Obama has conceded to the Muslim Masses in Cairo that he intends to appease those that wish to butcher innocents in Western countries.

It would be fair enough if Muslims were going to listen to him and act positively on their barbarous murdering ways but any friendliness and kombaya dancing around a fire by the beach holding hands with westerners would be done with a sword behind Muslim backs ready to chop off any hands or heads that dare critique the Muslim religion.

I am not interested in making friends or as Obama says "respecting' others who would otherwise wish you dead if you think contrary to them.

The ghost of Neville Chamberlain has come back to haunt the planet.

A very sad day and a dangerous turning point in history.

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