Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Continued Fascism of New Zealand Governance

Since when did people like me vote in a fascist in November that has first decided that he wont give Auckland voters the right to decide whether they want their council's combined and then yesterday and again today tell us that even if New Zealand citizens decided to give the anti smacking bill a good beating in a referendum then he would ignore the result because he thinks it is working.

Regardless of which side of each debate you fall on- the anti smacking bill is clearly a failure and the coming supercity is debatable- we must have the right to decide in a free democracy important life changing events.

We have processes and democratic rights which must be upheld and while the previous administration trampled all over these in the last 9 years, more than any other Government in New Zealand history, I certainly didn't vote for more of the same.

I will be reassessing my vote in 2011. In its current guise it wont be for Labour and if John Key ignores my referendum tick then it wont be for him either.

Doesn't leave me with much does it?

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