Monday, June 29, 2009

Aaron Bhatnagar Nuts Off

It is hard to get good, upstanding representation from our politicians these days.

National, and especially local, and from all political colours, we seem to be dragging the bottom of the barrel when it comes to governance.

If it isn't Andrew Williams, Mayor of the North Shore, spending ratepayer money like a drunken sailor, with his own ratepayer funded wine, we have Mayor Banks across the bridge trying to outdo him by digging up perfectly good footpaths in the CBD again and spending 80 million bucks "turning sidewalks into roads", while he has well and truly broken his 2007 election promises by promising to use truckloads of ratepayer moola on the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

One of John Banks disciples, Auckland City Councillor Aaron Bhatnagar, appears to be fitting the mold (or should that be mould) when it comes to the stereotypical machinations of local politics.

Aaron is one of those councillors behind the push to build a multimillion dollar shed shaped like a shoebox on the Wynyard Wharf for the wealthy cruise ship set, instead of a world class public space or building, on one of the best harbour sites in the world- don't we just love the Sydney Opera House and its public surrounds.

Anyway Aaron has adventurous activities online, he nutted off yesterday:

This email exchange yesterday between yours truly and Aaron after he made tasteless jokes about Michael Jackson's death on his facebook page.

Only his replies are quoted because he has removed me from his Facebook friends after I told him to bugger off and my comments have been removed.

I basically started off saying he was being tasteless joking about the death of someone and joking about anyone's death is a pretty low thing to do. I wasn't abusive at all.

Here were his replies:

1."Grow up Darren, it was a very mild tongue in cheek comment based on one of his more famous songs. I've seen some pretty repulsive jokes about MJ, usually involving allegations of sex abuse by Jackson, so what on earth is your problem?"

When I suggested that his comments about someone dying were inappropriate for anyone in politics:

2."Any besides, what's my political career got to do with this? If politics somehow distorts my moral compass, what do we make of you, whose blog is called "The Political Animal - Politics with balls".

Are we to take it that your political interests generate an unhealthy fetish with genitalia?"

When I suggested what his mother might think about him joking about someone dying.

3."I get it now. You are Church of Michael Jackson. No criticising MJ by anyone.

I suggest you put a damp cloth on your forehead, have a nice cup of tea, and a take yourself off for a nice nap. You need it.

What a humourless scold."

4."What a tantrum!

I'm frankly astonished at your comments. Of all the things I could have said, it's almost unreal that my rather mild turn of phrase has set you off. If that's a standard you hold dear, then I don't want any of it."

When I told him to bugger off (this is when I DID get a little testicularly challenged) spend some more ratepayer and his daddy's money and make his jokes about dying somewhere else:

5. "LOL - now I know you are a nasty piece of work!"

Now I am used to getting abused by all sorts of people because I have strong opinions and put them out there and fair enough, I LOVE good debate, but a local politician having a laugh at a person dying (even a misunderstood individual like Jackson, there is perhaps a time for jokes but long after the person has been buried) so soon after they have died, surely shows the mentality and arrogance of an individual that really isn't suitable to represent people - what the hell is he saying behind his constituents backs!

Does he joke and carry on in a similar vein? Who knows.

For goodness sake, if you have a political career and have dopey things to say, keep them to yourself Aaron, it aint a good look.

It isn't that bright and it reveals a somewhat foul taste in the mouth.

We clearly need much better representation than this.

c Political Animal 2009


  1. I think indeed you are the fool in this one, having to resort to a pathetic comment on daddy's money. If you had any wit or class you may have even tried to argue a point properly rather than resorting to a childish jibe. And as for spending taxpayers money, i think you have a slightly warped view of how a council operates - they ARE there to spend the money allocated to them. Maybe in your world they pay the ratepayers? Very odd indeed.

  2. Have the courage of your convictions to put your name to your opinion.

    I wont comment on the Bhatnager business because as I said I will not fuel an ultimately senseless debate and Aaaron doesn't need anymore publicity that he his errant internet behavior has so far garnered him,especially when I do not know who I am talking to.

    On the manner of ratepayer's money being mis-spent as Aaaron and his mates are so clearly doing. Councilors are NOT there simply to spend our money but they clearly think that is what they are there for. They are there to save ratepayers money, for that is the election promise they campaigned on in 2007.

    This is similar to the North Shore Council and is one of the reasons we are going to have a super city with more accountability to its citizens from free spenders like Aaron.

    For you to ignore these facts is to keep your head somewhere where it clearly never surfaces to see the facts as they are in the light of the day.

  3. Wow, you seem like your about to postal. Whats the big deal all he said was -

    Was it to much sunshine? too much moonlight? too much of the good times? No, I think it's only appropriate to blame it on the boogie.

    How conveniant your own replies to his posts were deleted.
    You need to chill out man... either that or just get a life

  4. Grant, it is appropriate now to make jokes I guess, just not soon after someone dies. Totally inappropriate.

    I couldn't post my replies because Aaron made them unavailable to me. It was his thread on his facebook page.

  5. Darren: I think you went too far on this one. I believe it is irrelevant how much time has passed after one dies to make jokes about someone.

    As long as we live in a free society, anyone who feels they need to laugh about someones death is welcome to do so, however pathetic it might be.

    Time should not be the factor in this case.

    Clearly you do not like this man, and are using this as an excuse to attack him. Probably best to attack his policies rather than his opinions or jokes.

  6. Hey ShortBus, nup you got it wrong. I quite liked Bhatnagar as a bloke before he made his distasteful comment. It is what he said about Jackson that riled me, not his personality.

    I simply believe everyone, except those that don't deserve it for very good reasons(And intelligent people will know what those are)are entitled to respect when they are dead.

    Have a laugh, but wait to the body is a at least cold before you stick the knife in.

    I appreciate your different opinion though.


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