Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Hill: Interview with Ian Fraser

You may have missed an interview with Michael Hill yesterday with Ian Fraser. I only caught it by accident while turning the dial.

Michael is currently on a media blitz to sell his book and this is another but more interesting leg.

The interview covers off his personal background and motivation to get him where he has.

It is very interesting to hear that up until the infamous house fire when he was 43 he wanted to "do more" in life but, like most of us, was fearful of making that step out of the comfort zone we place ourselves in. After that incident he reacted in a way that most wouldn't - he calmly decided that there was more to life than what he had experienced thus far and he was going to "go for it".

The fire somehow was the impetus that removed that block and allowed Hill to face new things without fear and that we all face that moment when a choice can be made that will change our lives but we don't always take it. -he did.

There was also an interesting admission, he mentioned that he has made a mistake by buying Whitehall Jewelers Holdings-based in the Chicago out of bankruptcy last year - not usually something that CEO's would readily admit to and he says he has learnt from it, the struggling US business has taught the company as a whole how to respond to the current tough economic times, he said.

I would recommend a listen, the interview is 46 minutes long, 16 MB and can be downloaded at Share Investor Forum here. You have to be a member to download, its free and quick - register, it takes less than a minute.

Disclosure I own Michael Hill International shares.

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