Thursday, June 4, 2009

Richard Worth: Goff's posturing hypocritical to the max

Without a doubt, whatever Richard Worth did or didn't do, he clearly isn't Minister material anymore.  

Whatever the outcome lets judge him on the facts, which are currently subject to political conjecture, and when we do know the facts, if we ever do, the appropriate hand of justice should come down hard on his little head.

What I find curious though is criticism of John Key from Phil Goff and Labour for not being "up front" or quick enough to take action on this matter.

The facts are he acted as soon as he knew the facts and would have sacked Worth if he didn't fall on his own sword. End of story.

This of course is in stark contrast to Phil Goff's former leader.

She lied her arse through numerous Labour Ministerial gaffs,  and regularly did nothing when her ministers erred.

Some conveniently forget that months went by before Phillip Field was dealt to and then only mildly. Winston Peters was on the take from seemingly every sector of New Zealand and Clark did nothing. Benson Pope was in Parliament for months before anything was done about his curious ways with Tennis balls and young teenagers.

Ruth Dyson drunk driving her way across town ended up back as a Minister.

Having Phil Goff spearhead the charge against Key is a big mistake by Labour.

It mustn't be forgotten that "stick it on the bill" Phil wanted to make it legal in New Zealand for 12 year olds and older to have sex. He certainly shouldn't be pointing the finger, especially as this accusation against Worth involves sexual impropriety.

Johnny maybe starting to err on the side of the thieving socialists but I believe he is an honest man. The same cannot be said of one Ms Helen Clark.

Whatever the outcome of this saga, I cant help but feel that once again Labour's muck-raking is going to back-fire in spectacular fashion. 

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