Monday, June 8, 2009

Cadbury's chip off the old family block & lose customers

It has been 5 minutes since my last confession, I am chocoholic. I don't however need help with that.

The following is only serious if you love chocolate.

What I do need help with is Cadbury's decision to change package size design and formula for their range of family sized block chocolate range.

Previously 250g, these family blocks now range from 190 grams for the "chrunchie bar" block to 235 grams, all at the same price.

The dairy milk block is 200g and Carramellow 220g for example. 

Looking at a old 250g Carramellow next to a new one today I noticed that the were the same size. 

Why is that you ask?

Well the new blocks are packaged in thick cardboard instead of paper and aluminum - how sneaky of Cadbury.

I noticed shoppers looking at the new blocks with confusion and then going down to the Whittakers display to buy different flavours, all in the same size pack don't you know!

Also their chocolate is now made with vegetable fat rather than animal fat - that ain't chocolate anymore folks its a cocoa drink with water.

After calling 0800 Cadbury to complain, the chick there told me their family block had been different sizes for 20 years ( PR bollocks!) and that I was mistaken -hey I told you I was a chocoholic, I know my chocolate baby.

Whittaker's is who I will be buying my chocolate from now on -less confusing and they are made in New Zealand instead of Cadbury's blocks that are made in OZ.

A glass and a half of milk per block?

Not anymore.

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