Monday, June 8, 2009

Andrew Williams; Putting the "H" back in Hypocrite

I see Andrew Williams, North Shore's bent Mayor is desperate for media attention again, getting his bloomers in a twist about his flagging mayoral fortunes.

Mr Key made the comment about Mr Banks, a National Party member and former minister, during a speech at a National Party conference on Saturday.

"Can I start by acknowledging the mayor – more importantly the super mayor of Auckland city – John Banks," he said.

North Shore City Mayor Andrew Williams said he was appalled at the insinuation.

"For a prime minister to come out 15 months before a local body election, already endorsing a candidate is absolutely appalling," he told Radio New Zealand.

"And to John Key I would just say I am absolutely shocked, and Prime Minister apologise."

Sometimes you really should known when to shut your fat gob.

It would nice to see angry boy livid about his North Shore Council's wasteful spending on things like wine for electioneering for his political friends.

Nothing wrong with Key backing his man if he was and Andy's little hypocritical ways just keep digging a bigger hole for himself.

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