Friday, May 27, 2011

Share Price Alert: Fisher and Paykel Appliances Ltd

This is a preemptive Share Price Alert for Fisher & Paykel Appliances [FPA.NZX] after a reasonable profit result for the 2011 full year. After sustaining years of losses, struggling for the last 5 years, and going into financial meltdown in 2009 where it had to be rescued by Haier, the company has just posted a profit north of $30 million.

A pretty good result in the current financial climate and after a year and a half on a share price in the penny dreadful status this result looks set to propel the share price well above the closing price of 55.5c yesterday and back above the 1 buck level.

Of course the company has had rollercoaster results like this before when they have showed improvements in financial operations then disappointed at the next result so a word of caution must be stated before climbing back into this one.

Some good money can be made here though for those willing to buy today and coming week and hold for a short to medium term then run for the hills with the spoils.

Anything under a buck should see some black ink in the wallet over the coming weeks.

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  1. Will you be putting your money where your mouth is on this one Darren?

  2. I had $45,000.00 transferred and ready to place my buy for 50000 shares when my computer froze. When I restarted 2 or so minutes latter the share price had gone to 60c so I missed the opportunity. I will let it pass.

  3. Just recently been reading your blog as I am trying to beef up my presence in the NZX.

    Just wondering why you would let this opportunity pass if you believe that the stock will surpass $1.00 again? I am not a very experienced investor so I am just wondering what I am missing here. Thanks.

  4. Good question Troy. My price was set at 58c on the day the share took off and it went way past that to 61.5 - 62. I was clearly wrong about market sentiment and I thought they were going to include a DIV for the first time in ages. I thought the price would have been about 65-70c by now anyway on the positive result. There is still money to be made though if you think the company can sustain profits and include a dividend.

  5. Thanks Darren. Good blog by the way.


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