Monday, May 2, 2011

Share Investor's Letter to BioVittoria

Just a note to the owners of BioVittoria, the New Zealand natural-sweetener company that was forced to abort an attempt at listing on the NZX in 2009 due to a lack of market support.

Although I have heard of your company, your attempt to raise funds passed me by because I wasn't really informed that this was happening. Brokers in the past have emailed and called me about every other dog company under the sun - not that there have been many attempted listings since 2009 or since anytime really - but yours sadly must have gone into the spam box or the broker could see how good your company was and wanted to do his own deal.

BioVittoria folks, appears to be at the cutting edge of the "alternative" sweetener market occupied by Aspartame, otherwise known as Nutrasweet , Sucralose and a few others. These alternative sweeteners are in thousands of food products, most know that the major soda makers have these products in their brands like Coca Cola Zero, Pepsi Max etc and they are also in Wrigley products like Extra chewing gum but most of us probably dont know that alot of our everyday consumer products contain a sugar substitute.

In some of these products though, notably the soda drinks, the consumer can tell that what they are eating or drinking doesn't taste like sugar at all and in fact maybe harmful to ones health if used long-term. This is where BioVittoria comes in, not only is their product Fruit-Sweetness™ it a "Natural Sweetener" the makers claim it doesn't have any health side affects, it is calorie free and tastes great.

That and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certified that its Fruit-Sweetness branded monk fruit concentrate is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). The kicker is that a 12% portion of BioVittoria has just been sold to food ingredients company Tate & Lyle and T &L now has a 5 year agreement to dsitribute Fruit-Sweetness™.

Now this is going to allow BioVittoria to compete in the US$50-billion ($62.5b) a year global sweetener market.

"This agreement opens doors to some of the world's largest food and beverage companies, giving a significant boost to our expansion into international markets.'' BioVittoria CEO David Thorrold

Now I don't know about you but I would want to invest in any company that has such a significant product that appears to have no comparative competition (yet) in a fast growing market worth 50 billion bucks, especially at the very beginning.

So please take note David Thorrold and your fellow directors I am very interested in investing in your company should you want the try the NZX again and I am sure lots of my readers would be as well.

Lord knows we need some good companies to enter the NZX IPO market before it disappears completely - only half joking.

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