Friday, May 20, 2011

John Key: Budget Speech 2011

Budget Debate - 19th May, 2011 - Part 1

Budget Debate - 19th May, 2011 - Part 2

I have never seen any politician give such a riveting, witty, confident and informative speech in parliament like the Prime Minister did last night in the 2011 budget speech - he was on fire!

His speech held the attention of the whole house and he had everyone eating out of his hand, not perhaps for his politics, but the mere delivery of his message. The house was captivated by his display of knowledge of things financial and the answers he had to rebuff Phil Goff's sorry speech that was filled with inconsistency, doubt, half truths and knowledge of the economy that a 2 year old might have. -apparently, according to Phil, the global financial crises was over in 2009.

It is clear that John Key is the man for the time, he knows it, Labour know it and the overwhelming part of our population does as well.

As Matthew Hooton said yesterday, "you have 2 choices come November 26, a Labour Party run by Phil Goff or a Labour Party run by John Key".

Johnny, has out Laboured Labour.

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