Monday, May 16, 2011

Share Investor's Total Returns: Freightways Ltd

I have written about returns for stocks on a general basis in the Long Term View series of posts and the Long VS Short series but in this series, Share Investor's Total Returns, I will be giving my actual returns for stocks in the Share Investor Portfolio for as long as I have held them.

The return calculation will include dividends earned along with qualifying tax credits and of course any capital increase in the share price. It will be a total return over the length of holding of the share expressed in overall dollar figures with an individual value per share of what the stock currently is held at.

The forth stock in this particular series is a staple of the portfolio and one that I have held for nearly 4.9 years, Freightways Ltd [FRE.NZX]

The current holding of 8631 shares was kicked off by an initial purchase of 8200 in June 2006 plus 431 bought as part of a 2009 capital raising.

The stock cost a total of $30817.64. It has returned net dividends of $6871.00 and total tax credits of $3300.50, with $89.45 in brokerage.

I am eligible for the full tax credit so if the gross dividend (net dividend plus tax credits)is added and brokerage taken off my full return over the total holding period of 4.9 years is $10082.05

The current capital value of the company in the Share Investor Portfolio as at 13 May 2011 is $30381.12. The capital loss therefore is $436.52. This gives a total return on this share of $9645.53. This is a 31.3% return over 4.9 years or 6.38% net per annum.

I hold FRE therefore at a total cost of $20735.59 or $2.40 per share.

Disc: I own FRE shares in the Share Investor Portfolio

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