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Allan Hubbard Saga: Still Feral After All These Years

Allan Hubbard Saga: Does death mean the End?

Nothing much has happened in the long running and long winded Allan Hubbard Saga since the sixth Grant Thornton Report in March. Allan and his lawyers have stalled for time and got it and the serious Fraud Office has still yet to decide whether they will place fraud charges on the old bugger.

I have however received an interesting communication from Paul Carruthers, the former unofficial spokesman for the group supporting Hubbard while at the same time going to bat for those who lost money because of Allan. Not sure how he did justice to both causes considering he was acting on the behalf of both but that is just me thinking out loud again.

The communication from Mr Carruthers was blunt, threatening and to the point and while he has a penchant for doing this to people who disagree with him to the point they are now ignoring him I would just like to give him one more public appearance so those that are fooled by his mild mannered public persona are not taken in by his hollywood act.

What follows is Paul's email to me, unedited and mostly fabricated in content save that I have written about him and his group in the distant past in response to his public appearances and comments over Mr Hubbard:

fromPaul Carruthers *******
dateWed, May 18, 2011 at 9:02 AM
subjectCease and desist - final warning.


You have until Sunday to remove your comments about me from your "Allan Hubbard" and "Put Allan Hubbard Away" pages, as well as every article and comment you have written which contains any reference to me from your website.

While Allan's lawyers are preparing a case against you for the two Facebook pages mentioned above, I am only interested in the comments you have made about me contained within them.

Since you started your crusade against me, I have been saving copies of everything you do, and the list of evidence my lawyer is now in possession of amounts to 157 pages of information, demonstrating clearly that you have a psychotic, unhealthy and disturbing obsession with me.

I have witness statements verifying that you have stalked me on the internet and made various efforts to breach my privacy.

I have written testimony from a computer forensics expert, linking you to Facebook profiles and emails you have sent, which amount to harassment and invasion of my privacy.

My lawyer has just received a report I commissioned last week from a court-appointed clinical psychologist, who I contracted to do an assessment of the body of evidence we have collected about you, including the references you have made to me in your articles.

The report describes you as being mentally disturbed and a potential danger to society.

I agree with it's findings wholeheartedly.

If other people are willing to put up with your abuse, that is their problem, but I will not tolerate it.

With that in mind, the following will occur if all of the information I have asked you to remove from the internet is not completely removed by the end of this week.

1: The Police Complaint against you for harassment and the corresponding restraining order my lawyer is holding on to will be hand delivered to Auckland Police on Monday 23rd May 2011, and the restraining order will be obtained from the courts by Monday lunchtime and served on you by the Police.

2: My lawyer will courier the psychologists report, along with all 157 pages of PDF evidence showing your "work", along with a corresponding letter from my lawyer, to CYF. A robust application will be made to remove your child from your custody on the basis that you are a danger to the child and a danger to society.

3: An application will be made to the courts to have you detained in a psychiatric institution under the mental health act for threatening to cut my tongue out (PDF copies will be provided).

4: An application will be made to your internet service provider to suspend your account and remove your website from the internet, due to the abuse and threats you have issued through it.

5: A press statement declaring that these steps have been taken to protect me against you will be released to the media by 5pm Monday 23rd May 2011, after steps 1 to 4 are completed. Among the recipients of the press statement will be the specific women's magazines that ran the story of your surrogacy. They will be asked to comment on your progress.

Because I am a fair and reasonable man, I am giving you the opportunity to prevent all of this by removing the abuse you have posted about me from Facebook and from your website.

If you do no comply with my request - make no mistake about it - the steps outlined above will be taken and I will pursue the matter until you are detained or at least until you are required to defend your position in court.

All of the aforementioned evidence is now in my lawyers hands, and she is awaiting my further instructions. She already has written instructions to proceed as stated above, once I give the final word on Sunday night.

You can save both of us time, money, and stress by just removing any references you have made about me from the internet Darren.

If you do not do that within the time frame I have requested, life as you know it will change forever by Monday evening next week, believe me.

You have until Sunday to decide. No need to contact me - I will be monitoring it, and I will see if you remove it or not.

If it is still there (any of it) by Sunday evening - when we finally meet it will be in a court room, for the purposes of having your child removed from you for it's protection and for the purposes of having you committed.

If you think I am joking - do nothing and learn the hard way.

Paul Carruthers.

I will leave it for readers to decide what they think but I think Paul's comments really speak for themselves, don't you?

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  1. You ought to be careful about what you say Mr Rickard. While Carruthers might appear to be a bit of a harmless fruitcake he has a dangerous side to him.

  2. I have had the misfortune to have breifly done business with him and to say he is underhanded is to make the understatement of the year. Avoid him at all costs.

  3. Stick to your knitting dazza, this stuff now bores the tits off me.

  4. Gotta love this guy - one can only assume that he sent the e-mail in the hope (or expectation) that you would post it on your blog. It's hard to imagine what kind of personality would be so keen to set themselves up for (further) public ridicule?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Traineeinvestor, I was aware I might be his last port of call because nobody else was listening and while 15000 or so readers a month is small the right people are reading and can then make their own judgments about him.

    Sorry Brucie, will try and keep off this kind of nonsense but all sorts of stuff is out there that I haven't said and this sets the record straight.

    Willie, please be careful what you say.

    Anon, I kinda agree with you, he has threatened others in the media and in financial circles and has had numerous police complaints made against him as a result.

  7. Carruthers has been slagging you off all over the place posting under many different names - including yours - and anonymously. YOU should be taking him to court

  8. He is a harmless fool and losing his place as spokes person for Allan has just led him into a corner where his only release to is come out of a hole and fling barbs. Ignore him.

  9. Anon, I became aware that (I think but cant prove) that he has been posing under my name here at the NBR: a few days ago.

    My post as the "Real Darren Rickard" is the only one made by me.

  10. Carruthers also posts under several other names, like Jake Ryan (as in Jake the fake). Interesting in that he prefers to us a false name rather than his own. Shows you what sort of a boy he is.

    You are not alone receiving his threats and black mail. Many others including Hubbard supporters are also on the receiving end of his poison pen. While he makes these threats, he never follows through as the claims have no basis on which to do so.


  11. Latest threatening email from Paul Carruthers, under one of his many other names "Jake Ryan". Pleased to report there is no basis to any of his claims.

    The perjury evidence won't matter - it's the newspaper reports that count in terms of achieving the objective.
    Public perception is everything - hard to shake off once it's been in the papers.
    That would be enough to put a smile on my face.

    Give your mate Ian Tulloch a call too - there's an email waiting for him about the Charities Commission.
    Start using your tiny brain for once little Johnny.

    Leave people alone and they will leave you alone.
    Go around trying to ruin their name and you will never, ever win the battles you pick in the process, I assure you.

    Time to grow up Johnny boy...

  12. Just wanted to add a follow up to Paul's original email:

    A reply from the editor of the Timaru Herald about Paul's conduct:

    "We are not aware of any press release. We simply ignore his emails, but laid (a) complaint with the police when he threatened a specific staff member.

    A reply from Paul after my email to him asking why he was taking me to court:


    Never let it be said you were not given every opportunity to resolve this without forcing me to take the actions I have indicated.

    When faced with the judge, the only question burning in their mind is "why didn't you just click delete?"

    If you are that determined to hold on to your obvious insanity - you just proved my case for me.

    Sincerely, Paul Carruthers"

  13. I have been a supporter of Paul's cause since the beginning and still see Allan as more of a old fool than a corrupt individual. I still back Hubbard but have long since left Paul behind. He is not doing himself or Allan any favours in behaving the way he has. I am not an investor in any Hubbard companies but just wish to see justice done.

  14. Paul Carruthers is now calling himself "Jake Ryan" on Facebook (when he isn't using my name)and his latest missive is even more desperate than the last one. The only things that have been changed are some of the names, the poor grammar and spelling is Pauls.

    It is in 3 parts because we all know crackpots tend to meander all over the place.


    From: Facebook <****>
    Date: 26 May 2011 10:45:00 PM NZST
    To: *********
    Subject: Jake Ryan sent you a message on Facebook...
    Reply-To: Message email reply <****>

    Jake Ryan
    Don't try making the victim the perpetrator *** it doesn't wash with me.

    You have consistently trashed my name for the last six or eight months.

    I clashed with you privately and you took it public not me.

    Anyone who reads the email can see he has an easy out and he is being a moron pursuing it when any sane person would just click delete.

    The Court documents will show an overwhelming pattern of outright abuse, stolen identity (Allan Hubbard), sexual references to me in connection with Allan and Jean, sexual references to Allan Hubbard in relation to the Canterbury earthquake, jokes connecting Allan Hubbard's longevity to that of a recently deceased woman, articles slandering me viciously - repeatedly - the list goes on and on and on.

    I have witness statements, a victim impact statement on video and transcript, an independent assessment, the whole lot, even down to individual manila folders with each particular identity he goes by and they are broken into sub-categories demonstrating regularly reoccurring behaviour.

    Both of you seem to believe you can just carry on writing any old crap you like about me on the internet and that there will be no consequences for that.

    It is not blackmail to point out that if someone decides you committed perjury when I start publicising the online journal I am writing about this situation and the information Rod Vaughan gave us about you is revealed in it, there is nothing I can do to stop that, and it won't be defamation either because three other people were present when he told us, and I'm entitled to share what he told us.

    In other words, it's not my fault you have done what you have done.

  15. PART TWO:

    If you continue to discredit me the way you do, it is incomprehensible to me that you expect me to take it ad infinitum without saying enough is enough.

    I gave you choices, both of you, to stop it.

    It is not blackmail to tell you what I believe will inevitably happen if you continue to discredit me publicly. You seem to think it's ok to keep trashing my name despite the fact that I have never pursued a vendetta after disagreeing with you last year.

    I went my own way and got on with it and left you to do your thing while I did my own and you just couldn't help yourself, could you?

    You had to keep taking pot shots and holding the past against me.

    You kept slagging off at me in public - you just wouldn't leave me alone.

    It's all there ***, in addition to what went to Charities, there are pages and pages of comments from you that show you just won't let up.

    I didn't pursue that against you ***. A historical check of the data will show I only ever reacted to your attacks, or the attacks of mad women and their retarded doctor son in laws. I did not pursue vendettas against any of you, I only ever got angry, and then I got over it and I got on with it and let it go.

    You and Darren Rickard just can't seem to do that, and I'm here to tell you both I have had enough.

    The obvious is staring you in the face ***. I BEGGED Darren Rickard to stop harrassing me in the NBR. I gave him more than two opportunites to end this peacefully without lawyers and courts - but for some bizzarre reason he seems determined to try and prove to a judge that stealing a sick elderly man's identity, calling for him to be imprisoned, making sexual jokes about him on the internet, pursuing a campaign of abuse and hatred against me that made a psychologist shiver........making fake profiles and stalking my friends asking questions about me.........and I watch you justifying this on Facebook, puffing your chest out as if defending that is something to be proud of, using at yet another platform to tell everyone what an utter wanker I am and I think "you poor sick deluded man".

    That child is in danger, and I absolutely stand by every word in my threat as he is a danger to society and I believe that with all of my heart and I swear that before a judge - just as I would defend myself against any allegation you throw at me ***.

    You keep assuming I should care what you or Kate Retard or Keith Blockhead thinks.

    You keep referring to me as if I was Allan's PR person and I never said I was so your position has never been legally defensible and neither was your little friend Emma Bailey's position either.

    She came within a hairs breadth of being charged with wasting Police time for the same threats you keep touting around the countryside trying to hang me with. Her email described them as "trivial anyway" when she was told no offence had been committed.

    The information you keep promoting about me is wrong and is deliberately designed to slander me, and yet you act all self righteous as if to ask how dare I tell you I am going to discredit you if you keep discrediting me.


    If you keep discrediting me, I will start discrediting you.

    That's it.

    That's all I am saying to Darren Rickard.

    If you want to keep discrediting me, I will have no choice but to discredit you.

    I am the victim here and not the perpetrator *** and I have rosk solid historical factual documented evidence to prove it and I will continue to reveal that evidence if you continue to discredit me.

    Same with Darren Rickard.

    I really don't understand why this is all so difficult for you.

    I don't want to have to pay lawyers to stop you from harrassing me on the internet so I will achieve that outcome by whatever other legal means are available to be without costing me money.

    Why should I have to pay to stop you abusing me?

    The evidence is there in black and white - there is a big difference between a few sh*tty emails and a nine month ongoing campaign of attacks and put downs.

    Even after your stunt with Emma I still didn't attack you but you just couldn't leave it alone - and the documents prove it.

    I've had enough of it and it stops right now.

    I owe neither you, nor Ian Tulloch, nor Allan Hubbard nor anyone else anything *** ***** - because I never took or asked for one goddamn cent for the work I did for the Hubbards and their investors.

    You have no right to single me out for the constant abuse you have dished out to me and I assure you and Rickard you will never ever ever win the argument that I was self appointed or any of that crap in court and every single one of you were idiots to try it.

    Grow up ***.

    This really might be your last chance.

  17. Leave him alone Rickard or I will deal to you.

  18. Perhaps you should consider making a complaint to the police yourself Darren?

    Some of this stuff is serious. Threatening your child etc. It is uncalled for.

  19. Interesting, he removes his profile from fb thereby removing his abusive postings and then accuses others of perpetrating what he himself has done. I note too, that his website is no longer up. Another source of his offensive posts gone.
    Taking the cake though was his rallying of the believers that JF had committed fraud with a donation he alledges he made to the AH Trust.
    What's that one about level headed Irishmen dribbling out of both sides of their mouths ......

  20. It seems gossip and innuendo are popular on the internet. The only other things that beat this sort of traffic are topics on Warren Buffett, Xero Ltd, the series of CEO interviews I do and my annual stock picks. I hope some of you stay.

  21. If readers want to look at some of the stuff that Paul has been saying about me and others on the internet and now removed have a look through the "feral" series of posts and anything on Hubbard supporters (not all of them just the nutty ones).

    The anonymous threat above? At least have the guts to stick your name on your vile nonsense.

    I will not back down to intimidation and threats from losers like you and Paul and my stuff on Allan and his supporters stays.

  22. The words Mentally Ill Spring to mind Darren reading some of the emails above. What is that man on? He is just spouting alot of nonsense.
    He sounds a little unpredictable so be careful all the same.

  23. I suspect he is getting help RJ but is off his meds.

  24. The latest bollocks from Mr Carruthers in reply to my email asking where his promised press release was.

    Hi Paul,

    I must have got your reply to my Monday email sent to my junk inbox, can you please indicate as to where I can find your press release on the net or can you send it to me?

    Cheers, Darren


    I withdraw my threats about press releases and CYF I was angry and distressed when I made them.

    I am asking you again politely to please cease and desist from slandering me and torturing me with your cyber abuse, and remove from the internet all that you have published about me.

    I am not seeking to punish you.

    I am not asking for compensation.

    I am simply asking you to stop harrassing me and slandering me on the internet or anywhere else.

    I do not want to fight you.

    I do not even know you.

    I have no need to know you and do not wish to.

    I do not understand why you feel the need to keep writing and publishing information that you seem to think ultimately humiliates me, as if that is a worthwhile victory.

    It would appear that a few mistakes are worth a year of torture, however who am I to question whether you should be allowed near a child, despite the fact that the six people who have read your file have uttered "this guy is really sick, I can see why you made the comments about the kid" without being prompted.

    Just telling it how it is......oh but hang on......that gets my tongue cut out, right? According to you?

    You win Darren.

    I'm out of this.

    I wish I had never got into it.

    I don't want to help Allan Hubbard or his investors any more. You have utterly destroyed any worthwhile sense of personal reward I might have got out of it.

    You made it utterly miserable, in fact. The saddest and most sickening part of your ongoing abuse and hatred is the sheer delight you seem to gain from doing it.

    That scares me for that child more than anything else.

    Please don't reply to me ever again - you and people like you make me sick.

    If you do not leave me alone, I really will have no choice but to take action.

    Please just go away and leave me alone.

    Paul Carruthers.

  25. Concerned Hubbard InvestorMay 30, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    He has been a pain in the backside to me as an investor who has lost money with Aorangi Securities because he has made us look like idiots. He needs to keep out of where he is not wanted and the best thing he could do to help us is to just butt out of our business.

    I would leave my name but I am afraid my opinion will have repercussions from Paul but I needed to get out what the silent majority of investors who have lost money with Hubbard think.

    My judgement on Hubbard remains reasonably neutral until (although I am obviously annoyed he has lost our money) some sort of clearer picture emerges.

  26. Another opus from the imagination and keyboard of Paul Carruthers:

    From: Facebook ***>
    Date: 31 May 2011 9:48:26 AM NZST
    To: *** ****>
    Subject: Jake Ryan sent you a message on Facebook...
    Reply-To: Message email reply ****>

    You are right
    I finally quit ***.

    Gave up.

    You are right.

    I should never have got involved in it, and never should have tried to help. I hope you got a real kick out of bringing me to my knees and humiliating me, you certainly did it often enough and seemed to enjoy it.

    Apparently the fact that I was a volunteer and doing it all out of my own goodwill wasn't enough for you though. Apparently I deserved utter cricifixion because I dared to behave less impeccably than Allan's $2.5M lawyers.

    I deserve to be humiliated, belittled and discredited for losing my temper a few times while trying to defend and old man for free, while the guys who take $2.5M from him and never say one word in his defence get the red carpet treatment.

    Your hatred of me was so obvious investors even started emailing me and asking if you had it in for me because I am gay.

    Many people decided that was the reason in the end because your bias was so obvious.

    Either way - you win - I can't continue to hang around and help when you and Rickard have been so hell bent on trying to humiliate me until I give up or kill myself.

    Of course, now you will deny any knowledge and turn it all around and say I am the psycho and you have no idea what I am talking about and I am a dreamer and go and get some help and all the other classic lines that abusers use on their victims.

    I saved every single word you said too ***, every email, every comment, every word.

    Yes, I was not perfect, but the evidence absolutely makes you look worse, in fact it makes you look as shonky and underhanded as hell.

    I have finally given up trying to help Allan, Jean and the investors because I am so sick and tired of being demeaned, belittled and humiliated by you and your mate Rickard for even doing so.

    I am sick to death of being told by you that I am a disgrace, that Allan Hubbard would be ashamed of me (repeatedly), that I am not wanted, etc, etc.

    Because I am obviously such a piece of sh*t as far as you are concerned, it is not even worth having an argument about it because you will just resort to your usual line of belittling me further by saying my help wasn't wanted or asked for in the first place, and that I was doing them all a disservice anyway.

    I hope you are satisfied with yourself ***.

    You held me to standards you had no right to hold me to and you appointed me to a position in your mind that I never held and you crucified me for it - all because I'm a faggot?

    All because I got angry here and there (on my own time and with my own money)?

    Allan Hubbard is welcome to you, I won't compete with you for his approval because it never mattered to me, and continously telling me he would be ashamed of me was a sick, sick manipulative thing to keep doing. It portrays you in a dreadful light.

    If you are the kind person Allan Hubbard chooses as 'friends' I can't help him anyway. I pity him if yours is the type of "support" he has.

    You are a cruel, spiteful, vicious and self exonerating man, who blames everyone else for your attitudes and behaviour. You are never ever 'wrong'. It's always someone elses fault. The mark of a real abuser.

    Good on you for kicking the faggot out John.

    At least you can protect Allan Hubbard from the "shame" of me now.

    Hopefully this time I will be spared your usual "it's all your fault, you are a psycho, I am perfect and the problem is all yours" response.

    Paul Carruthers.

  27. Reading this rubbish above shows what childish games you boys play. It is just incredible that grown men stoop to this level. Can none of you show any integrity in the real world? Grow up boys, school was out a long time ago.

  28. Anon, I am not publishing this stuff because I am childish - even if that is your opinion - or spiteful, cruel or any other adjective you care to use. I am putting this on the record so those that don't know how Paul has been treating others in relation to his self appointed support for Mr Hubbard, know.

  29. Long Time ReaderJune 7, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    I kind of a agree with anon just above. Even though Paul has been nasty to you and others to the point where police have been involved in restraining him from further contact, your comebacks would seem to incense him even further. You would be wise to ignore the nutty bugger, it is a waste of your time and others reading this otherwise fine blog.

  30. Carruthers has been next to impotent for me as an investor who has lost money with Hubbard. He might be wise to consider digging a ditch and burying himself in it for all his hot air has been worth.

  31. Obviously his claims are baseless otherwise he would have pursued them. Makes you wonder about some of the other public claims about Hubbard that he has made and the validity of some or all of them.

    The last grab at straws by a man drowning in his own bile and lies.

  32. It interesting to see so many comments here. It goes to the wide damage Allan Hubbard has done to the community with the collapse of his empire and the number of people he has burned as a result.

    The anger is palpable.


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