Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Share Price Alert: Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Ltd 2

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Ltd [HLG.NZX] makes a second appearance in this series of posts.

The first inclusion discussed the share price falling due to a profit downgrade in January and included the rider that this fall in share price would go further and to buy on "inevitable weakness."

This came after a peak in share price back in September 2010 that led me to ask if I should sell.

Since September then the stock price has lost almost 1 dollar and since the end of January has lost 50c to close at $3.63 yesterday.

Most retail stocks have suffered over the last month - with the exception of BGR & MHI - and I expect HLG to fall further on negative sentiment related to the economy as a whole and impacts from the Christchurch Earthquake last week.

I will be taking more interest in this stock myself sub 3 bucks.

It is a great company with its crucial value indicators looking more and more attractive as the share price weakens:

Price Earnings Ratio (P/E) 11.06

Earnings per Share (EPS) 32.8c

Net Tangible Assets per share $1.031

Total Net Div Paid (last full financial year) 31c

Gross Div Yield 12.33%

Once again buy on further weakness.

Disc I own HLG, BGR, MHI shares in the Share Investor Portfolio

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