Friday, February 13, 2009

Graffiti Crimes

A lot of people would strongly agree with me on the following and just as many would strongly disagree.

That doesn't matter, this is my opinion.

Today's decision in the Auckland High Court to sentence Bruce Emery to four years in jail for killing Pihema Cameron last year leaves most thinking people wondering is there any justice in this world.

When an individual such as this poor young 15 year boy is routinely out early in the morning getting high, drinking and destroying property, you have to wonder where his parents are.

When he is dead at 15 from the consequences of his own actions suddenly there are fingers of blame being pointed at everyone but those truly to blame-his parents and himself.

A poor innocent 50 year old mans reputation is ruined, a family in disarray and financially destroyed and he surely cannot return to his neighbourhood for threat of his safety.

It could well have been Emery's life taken instead of the boys, just like half a dozen people who died in the same area shortly before this case, some by the hand of teenage Maori boys.

Emery's sentence was far too tough.

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