Friday, February 20, 2009

Dipshit of the Week: Joris De Bres

The clash of moronic stupidity vs unmovable pig headed ignorance doesn't make for a pretty outcome but that is what happened this week when the full bizarreness of political correctness collided in a damp stain on your grey matter when The South African Rugby Union has refused to put up their Springboks against the Maori All Blacks in a friendly game of Rugby.

Those Jaapies are saying that they wont play a racially selected team and that is fair enough, the Maaaori All Blacks have to be Maaaori, but they are forgetting to put their best chromosomes forward when thinking over this dilemma because their own team is racially selected because there has to be a quota of black fellas.

Oh how the brain hurts!

But don't worry, Joris De Bres, New Zealand's Race Relations Commissioner, former Black & White Minstrels member and part-time cake decorator takes this torment in his big hands and gives it the required bureaucratic squeeze in a letter to the SA Rugby Union.

Joris opines thusly:

As New Zealand's Race Relations Commissioner I appreciate why such a policy would have been adopted, particularly because of the racial discrimination in sport that existed in South Africa under apartheid.  However, there is no such discrimination in New Zealand: people of all ethnic backgrounds are eligible to play in New Zealand's national, regional and local representative teams, and alongside that, consistent with the principle of freedom of association, people are free to play together in any other combination.

The New Zealand Maori rugby team has a proud history in New Zealand and has the support of the community as a whole. He goes on...and on...

Joris ignores the fact that the South African National team is racially selected (this time whites are excluded) and that the Maaaori All Blacks exclude white folk.

Didn't we have riots over this in the 1980s?

You would also find that this issue would split opinion country wide, so no consensus and therefore support exists.

The intellectual rigor that leads the former silly putty manufacturer down this garden path ends up making further mockery of his mock position as NZ's "Race Relations" Commissar and calls into question his usefulness.

There is always his former Black & White Minstrels job to go back to I suppose.

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