Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anti PC Hero: Murray Deaker

I have started a regular series called Dipshit of the Week and realise it is negative. The two previous winners of that were Greenpeace and Bob Harvey.

Many of the dipshit awards will be for PC nonsense.

This first in a positive series of Anti PC Hero will be awarded by my good self for individuals and groups who go beyond the call of duty, in the face of unpopularity, with the mung bean eating, tree hugging, whale loving, hairy arm pitted, homo/Lesbian, Maaaori worshipping, Labour/Green voting, kaftan wearing, chardonnay drinking, Prius driving, Global Warming loving, Al Gore types, who try to wipe the floor with their own form of Anit-PC Wet and Forget.

The inaugural winner is Murray Deaker, for risking the ire of his fellow broadcasters and those in the media who will give him hell over the next few weeks for employing Tony Veitch on one of his Sky TV sports shows this Wednesday.

What Veitch did or did not do certainly didn't deserve the treatment he has been handed out by his former employer TVNZ ,the rest of the PC media and the chromosome defficient Ugly Wimins movement.

I'm no big fan of his, I think he is a brain dead moron, but he deserves to work and Deaker is a pure saint for allowing him to.

Good on ya Deaks.

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