Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Key keeps his head while others channel Chicken Little

Nothing could be more appropriate than to say about John Key but "right man right time".

Key's financial and business experience is shining through.

The cool head approach that National are pursuing in relation to the current financial crisis is in stark contrast to the Labour Chicken Little's in opposition who are bleating to rush in poorly planned stimulus packages that simply will not work.

We all know that the US bank bailout from late last year didn't work. Obama is passing a new one in 2009. The first one wasn't planned and was rushed.

Labour playing politics with the current economic situation is nothing but more of the same petty schoolboy tactics that sent New Zealand into recession almost a full year before everyone else.

For Labour to say National must be shouting its "stimulus" intentions from the rooftops to reassure the populace is politics for the brain dead and most of us have one thank you very much.

It should be bloody obvious that National are taking the current crisis seriously.

They are taking action rather than talking. Cutting back frivolous spending that Labour has introduced (like fruit baskets daily for all MPs! and a long embarrassing list of other waste) is evidence of that and there will be more considered action introduced as the days, weeks, months and years of this crises play out.

John Key is in his element, he looks comfortable, confident and in Parliament today got the better of the opposition.

He stands out here head above shoulders from other world leaders.

Thank god New Zealand voted him in, the alternative would have been scary.

And catastrophic.

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