Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love your Customers; Hate your Competitors

The attitude that your business competition is supposed to be looked at as some remote entity that is supposed to be good for all players in the sector in which you compete is not just untrue it is complete and utter bollocks.

I would go even further than that. If you love your customers -and mostly you should otherwise you shouldn't be running a business -then you should at least loathe your competition.

I hate mine with a passion.

It is not that I don't like to compete, I love competition but unless you treat your competition like your arch enemy you are not approaching your business in the correct manner.

The business world has been full of animosity between the fiercest of market players, from Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Holden, Chicago Bulls vs L.A. Lakers, Google vs Microsoft and in New Zealand Telecom vs Vodafone.

Everyday should be a battle against your competitor and every opportunity for you to get one up on them or make it harder for them in some way means you are doing what you should.

For craps sake they are trying to put you out of business, why shouldn't you match like for like?

Competing on price and service are two major factors that make good businesses better but advertising or telling his customers that your product or service is better than XYZ company is a great way to undermine his sales growth.

It is taken as granted that you are of course better. There is nothing wrong with yelling that from the rooftops.

If someone asks you what you think of your competitor, be honest, tell them what they are really like, warts and all.

A little bit of nonconstructive criticism pointed at your competition will be good for you and your business.

You can have respect for your competition, nothing wrong with that, taking your competition seriously is the number one rule in a competitive market but putting the boot in at every opportunity, when it is warranted, is also a requirement of good business practice-that is if you want to stay in business!

Tattoo it on your forehead.

I hate my competition!

Your competition sure as hell does.

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