Friday, February 27, 2009

Dipshit of the Week: Rob Fyfe

We really have a doozy this week and I am hopping mad.

CEO of failing Kiwi airline Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe has been meddling in politics this time, giving financial advice to John Key about tax cuts.

The package is solely aimed at middle and high-income Kiwis, and Mr Fyfe says that won't help save jobs in any sector.

"You need to target your initiatives into the areas you get the best bang for your buck," says Mr Fyfe.

Fyfe wants the money to go to those who "would spend it" not those who earned it in the first place-Labour agrees of course.

This A-Grade, economy class knuckle dragger thinks our long awaited tax cuts should be ditched!

Kiwis seem to forget it is because the previous Labour Government doled out more than 1 billion of taxpayer moola to failed companies like Air New Zealand and free money to students, working for families, etc, etc that we didn't get tax cuts much earlier.

Air NZ even boasts that they still have $ 1.4 billion dollars in the bank.

It is our money!

This brain dead socialist wants taxpaying workers to forgo getting their money back just so he and other Government knukkle draggers can play Airport 2009 with our money?

Fuck off back to Stalingrad Fyfe.

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