Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Labour's Legacy Lingers like a Lefty Leper

From the 2 billion in the hole that they left the ACC in, toady's power cuts -and more to come -from under investing in infrastructure, profligate spending by Government departments, tortured dead babies and a whole host of other crimes and not so mis-demeanour's, they just keep re-surfacing like that bad smell in the car that you just cant find.

Their regular law-breaking is another story.

Labour's mistakes are set to haunt us for a while yet.

While we haven't yet seen the worst of their last nine years surface, moves by the National Government so far have been in a good positive direction and will return some commonsense and positive direction for New Zealanders.

National Ministers who have already cut back on wasteful spending, administered failing schools and sacked useless health mangers have done well and sent the right message to the public-we ain't gonna waste your money-lets hope they continue.

Nice change.

Part of the stimulus package out today that gives tax breaks for business and yesterdays relaxing of the officious RMA law (a law that stopped power sector development) are a good start.

More careful planning is being done to tackle the current global recession and the economic mess that Labour left behind and calls by Phil Goff to spin meaningless rushed babble in the media to calm the masses is highly irresponsible-remember loose Labour talk on Telecom and Auckland Airport losing stockholders money?

Economic policy at this time must be planned well and targeted in the right way.

Spraying taxpayer cash around hoping that some of it sticks is no longer an option.

The rescue package rushed through Congress last year didn't work because it wasn't thought through carefully.

National is moving fast to obliterate the last 9 years of waste, lies, criminal behavior and plain arrogance and I have never seen a government move so rapidly before.

Lets hope they can make Labours last 3 terms a distant memory.

Good on ya Johnny.

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