Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Carbon Fairy has no clothes on

In what is clearly gearing up to be one of history's greatest financial explosions and implosion when it all inevitably collapses, is news today that the carbon trading "market" tripled in size to US$30 Billion last year.

With this market built on failed "science", lies and spruiking by the likes of wealthy green investors Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio, like all markets built on such flimsy backgrounds the money made, and there will be billions, will be made by those that get on the greenwagon first:

Since co-founding Climate Change Capital in 2003, James Cameron and his business partner Mark Woodall have turned their company into a powerhouse in the burgeoning global market in greenhouse gases. Driven by the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, an accord Cameron helped write, this corner of the derivatives arena is growing as never before.

Clearly, Cameron and Woodall are smart cookies but these self interested scam artists, who have written their own rules and now profit from them by "investing" other peoples hard earned cash into worthless carbon credits will be the first to withdraw their own funds when the climate change hysteria is revealed for what it is, that the sun simply getting hotter.
A Carbon footprint recently traded on Ebay for
US$1 Million.

I am old enough to remember similar things happening during the dot com era where mum and dad investors piled into worthless "businesses" and the big boys got out first before the truth about the bulk of silicon valley Internet companies hit the investment fan.

The same thing is going to happen with the carbon trading market.

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