Friday, November 16, 2007

Protest March: 10.00am,Sat 17, Nov 2007

Just a gentle reminder of the march against the anti democratic Electoral Finance Bill, which will stop free speech in election year and also allow the incumbent Government, in this case Labour, to spend taxpayers money to advertise in election year while others will be capped.

In 2005 Labour stole over $800,000.00 taxpayer dollars to buy the election, it was illegal and they got away with it by changing the law and were not punished. In 2008 it will be legal if this Stalinist bill is passed this month.

Those wishing to participate should assemble in Aotea Square from 10.00am with the march to leave at 10.30am and culminate at the bottom of Queen St at Britomart.

Rain or shine. Photos from the protest will be posted here.

C Darren Rickard 2007

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