Monday, November 26, 2007

Christchurch Electoral Finance Bill protest , Wed 28 Nov, 1.00pm

The Auckland EFB march Nov 17, 2007

Protest March Victoria Square to Cathedral Square Wednesday 28 November 12.30. March starts 1.00pm. Organiser of the Auckland and Wellington marches John
Boscawen will speak.

Get ready citizens of the South, it is now your turn to march against this attack by the sisterhood on your democratic rights to free speech and your right to criticise any sitting govt be it snivelling Lefties, National, Greens or any other colour of politics.

The passing of the Electoral Finance Bill into Law next month means your right to freely do that in election year will be removed.

I will not be able to legally write this blog!

The Greens said last week that this bill would allow more free speech. That ladies and gents is a bald faced lie, just like the one told by Helen"Teflon" Clark and Sue "I'm so cute" Bradford that the repeal of section 59(or the anti smacking bill) earlier this year wouldn't lead to parents being charged for smacking a child on the hand for being naughty, it has happened in a number of cases already.

Get out there Canterbury and protest for your right to protest against a Government that want to silence your voice.

Speak up before it is too late!!

C Political Animal 2007


  1. I'll be there mate. I'm hoping for better numbers than Auckland's first march.

    Heheh, a challenge for you guys with your next march on 1 Dec.

  2. Good on you Andy, I would appreciate if you could let me know how it went.

    Cheers, Darren

  3. report just written up a few minutes ago. :)

    click here

    feel free to put it on your blog.


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