Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winston Peters Big Baubles

Winston Peters was dressed immaculately as usual, at the Electoral Finance Bill protest, Queen St Auckland New Zealand November 17, 2007.

Winston was heard to say that he is only voting for the bill because his baubles of office told him to.

When asked by a TV3 Journo what his baubles had to do with anything Peters replied, "I didn't get where I am today without large baubles".

Peters got up and addressed the crowd but finished quickly when he soon realized that there were no TV cameras trained on him and everyone was under 40 anyway, so there were no votes to be had.

When asked about the fact that the bill, if passed, would stop free speech in an Election year Peters first blamed the journalist for asking such a profound question, then said the question of free speech for the general public wasn't a problem because he spoke for all New Zealanders and knew what they wanted anyway. He added, "what was really important was that he had free speech in an election year and what is more important than that?"

Going back to the bauble question, Winston was asked where he put them for this momentous occasion because they were not at first obvious to the casual glance.

Oh, Winston curtly replied, like the mongrel of old, "Helen has them in a vice back in Parliament".

With that, his tail between his bauble less legs Winston slinked off more like a lap dog than the mongrel of yesteryear.

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