Thursday, November 29, 2007

15 year old Kristen Byrne's take on "Global Warming"

A message for all our dopey politicians about New Zealand's moronic march towards self imposed economic disaster in the form of bending over to global warming, carbon footprints, Kyoto and Al Gore's growing bank balance.

The Left and the Greens especially, have us on a path, to NZ before the wheel was invented.

In case you haven't found it yet, let me recommend 15 year old Kristen Byrne's insightful website, Ponder the Maunder that puts all the GW bullshit into perspective.

Ponder the Maunder was an extra credit project for Honors Earth Science, Portland High School, by Kristen Byrnes of Portland Maine.

This report is a comprehensive look at the global warming issue without financial or political bias. It uses the most updated information provided by scientists and researchers and interjects common sense, an important component missing from the global warming debate.


Teenage Skeptic Takes on Climate Scientists : NPR

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