Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christchurch March against EFB: Report

The piece below was written by Andy Moore and republished at Political Animal with his permission. From the NZ Debate Blog

Proving that even South Islanders have some passion left! Good on Andy and the rest there today.

Approximately 350 people turned out in Christchurch today for the march against the Electoral Finance bill. Starting at 1:00pm at Victoria Square, we followed Bob McCoskrie of Family First, John Boscawen and a Korean War veteran, winding through the streets of the inner city, on the way to Cathedral Square.

Two of us carried blank signs, reference to the fact that if the EFB passes into law, it may become necessary for people to protest with blank placards to avoid being fined or imprisoned simply for speaking out against the Government or a particular party!

John Boscawen spoke powerfully against the bill, and passers by stopped and joined the rally. Next, Bob McCoskrie brought people's attention to the seriousness of the bill - and also paid tribute to John for the time and money he has put into the fight so far. Then we heard from a lecturer from Canterbury University who's main and most excellent point was that...

"This bill makes it a lot harder for the challenger, and easier for the incumbent Government."

An excellent point, which only then really hit me. Of course, it is obvious that Labour is pushing this bill through as a last ditch attempt to steal the election in 08 - I just didn't quite understand how. But the statement above puts it pretty simply and accurately. I will be looking round for an audio version of his speech.

At about 1:30pm we finished up with a round of applause.

A table had been run at the starting point in Victoria Square, and then in Cathedral Square to gather signatures for the petition calling for a referendum on the question: "Should a smack as a part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

Click here ( for more info on the fight against the oppressive new anti-smacking law, yet another arm of Nanny State.

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