Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fear and Greed are Lovely things

The DOW doing its thing today

I don't know about you but I'm buying.

The current sell offs of some of my favourite stocks that I already hold I have added to and picked up some new ones.

I added to my Pumpkin Patch(PPL) Portfolio again yesterday and included additions to my portfolio of Kiwi Income Property(KIP) and Postie Plus Group(PPG)

I'm not going to the New Years day sales but I'm going to participate in this one.

If you are a long term investor you would be almost mad if you didn't...well on second thoughts each to his own but.

It just goes to show that the fear and greed labels apply the most when the markets are most volatile and that those that don't follow the herd are more likely to do better in the market long term.

Who knows if we are going to see a substantial sell off of stocks as the New Zealand economy tanks and the US is having a few flutters over high oil prices, all I know is that I like to buy when stock prices are going down.

C Share Investor 2007

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