Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marketing Burger Fuel's Future

The opening of a new Burger Fuel Worldwide [BFW.NZ] outlet in Sydney a couple of days ago shows me that Directors at Burger Fuel are great marketers.

Their style of marketing clearly didn't and doesn't suit their IPO as it was a dismal failure but the siting of the new Sydney store under the coke sign at Kings Cross, the 24hr sex and nightclub area of Sydney, is marketing genious in my humble opinion.

Site of the New Sydney Burger Fuel Outlet
Josef Roberts was the founder and CEO of the Red Bull energy drink business in Australia and New Zealand and as a director of Burger Fuel he is clearly using his marketing experience to catapult the company's image, food and brand into the realms of an Australian household name, just as he has done with Burger Fuel in New Zealand.

By putting their second OZ outlet into such a vibrant and tourist dominated strip, in the "Cross" Roberts will be able to further leverage the brand and expose it to foreigners of dozens of different countries which will clearly make it easier for the company to expand into other overseas markets.

Getting a spot under the Coke sign has got to be the coup de grace!

The energy that Josef Roberts put into Red Bull, pun intended, made the brand a very successful one in this part of the world and the fact that the parent company bought it back means that large corporations value the expertise of individuals such as Roberts.

Roberts clearly loves the company he works for and the time, effort ,care and passion taken to make Burger Fuel a brand in New Zealand means that success in other territories is more likely to happen.

If you look at a company such as Restaurant Brands Ltd [RBD.NZ] , the operator of the KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks in New Zealand you will see what not to do with brands. This company had almost run its 3 brands into the ground because of neglect and lack of care.

If Roberts and his mates at head office can keep the enthusiasm and care for their brand over the years then they are sure to go the way Red Bull did.

BFW shares closed up NZ 4c today to 65c on low volume.

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