Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Burger Fuel slims down in value

A quick note to inform readers of the fortunes of the recently listed Gourmet burger maker, Burger Fuel(BFW)

Listed at NZ$1 a few months back the share price continues to climb, in a southerly direction today, to a new post float low of 60c.

No comment today by management that they will be giving away shares with every fat bastard burger meal but analysts have speculated that owners who bought in the float will be able to buy a fat bastard meal without getting change with their minimum purchase of 1000 shares should they redeem them at a store near them. A twist on Burger Fuel's IPO tag line "do you want shares with that?"

The offer would be tempting considering how delicious a fat bastard is but a share price recovery could be an appetizing reason to hold the bun and fries.

That recovery seems as likely to happen as OJ being indited for armed robbery though.

Sad to see this disaster continue to develop like a train wreck in slow motion but what is happening now is as obvious as Paris Hilton's dearth of intellectual banter.

I will keep you posted when the share price hits my target of sub 20c.

c Share Investor 2007