Friday, December 11, 2009

Burger Fuel Worldwide: 2009 Half Year profit analysis

The Burger Fuel Worldwide [BFW.NZ] 2009 half year profit to 30 September is more of the same from this company, continued and mounting losses.

Revenue is up strongly but so are expenses, and the loss, while down by more than 50% to $NZ 296,000, is still a loss and is difficult to compare with last year's half year loss because that figure could be stacked with IPO expenses and other establishment costs -this is not clear from the accounts - and does include a more fulsome period of new store construction by new franchisees.

Cash reserves have dwindled down to below $1.5 million, from over $2 million in the previous corresponding period. While still conservatively geared at a debt to equity ratio of around 32% that cash balance is going to dwindle if the company is to get back on track and deliver the growth they promised in their July 2008 IPO.

As franchisors the only significant income BFW are currently receiving is their cut of franchisee sales and advertising income. The promised windfall of franchise and management fees are paltry at best.

More money was earned from cash in the bank than franchising and construction fees combined.

Key Points from BFW 2009 Half Year

1. $296,000 loss - down 54%

2. $4.2 million revenue - up 19%

3. Cash reserves down 25%

4. Earnings per share -52c VS -$1.26 last year

5. No new stores added

6. 2 stores in Australia incurring significant losses.

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