Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 2

Do ya think we are suckers ?

The vacuum of ideas that is the Labour Party Front bench never ceases to underwhelm.

The spectre of The National Party selling state assets to enable them to return a decent amount of capital to investors, in this case the taxpayer, is a case in point.

In recent days in the house the Labour Sisterhood takes every opportunity to attack the opposition that they will take the country "back to the bad old days" of the 1990s when the market ruled and greed was good.

Under performing taxpayer assets should be sold and even Labour agrees because they have sold and continue to sell taxpayer assets to this day. They forget that they started the ball rolling in the 1980s.

When the National Party suggest market led policy though Labour screams capitalist pig but when Labour sell taxpayer assets it is because "we can put the proceeds into better performing assets to get a better return", so said Trevor "looks like a duck, must be a duck" Mallard in Parliament today.

The suggestion by Bill English that schools might be financed and built by the private sector sends Steve "smarmy from Palmy" Mahary apoplectic but the financing of hundreds of private schools and state funded handouts to "early childhood centres has smarmy hiding his large head in a dark place indeed.

The crowning jewel is the kerfuffle over the so-called cap on doctors fees.

National wanted to remove the "cap" and let competition decide but Labour and the shrill left from the socialist pulpit decried that as crass and cruel.

The funny part of this is that there really isn't a cap under Labour.

Doctors are allowed to increase their rates by any amount they see fit. Increases are put before a board and so far none have been disallowed.

The only difference between National's proposal and Labour's current regime is that Labour have employed another platoon of bureaucrats to administer the board.

In the Labour heartland of Glenfield, one of the poorest areas of Auckland's North Shore, doctors are charging $60 a time. Not the less than 20 bucks that the hypocrites from Labour have lathered themselves up about.

The song is getting tired girlie's put on another MP3.

Cullen's Dogma eats its Tail

In the light of Australian Conservative leader John Howard promising major tax cuts next year for all Australians, Minister of Finance in New Zealand Micheal"Ive got your money and you ain't getting it back unless its through welfare" Cullen continues to prevaricate and prostrate himself into a frenzied soap-less lather over when and who is going to get a tax cut before next years big buy up election.

Cullen continues to mislead and treat kiwis like mushrooms, that an across the board tax cut wont help the "needy" and will help those "rich" instead, that is those on incomes over $40,000.00 dollars.

It isn't true to say that those that earn more are better off when taxes are cut because proportionally they pay more tax as the tax rates go up. They are actually penalised . The very opposite of what this pathetic socialist monetary historian would have us believe.

If you were to do what Howard has done though and make the first $10000.00 and more in the future, dollars tax free and cut the top tax rates you benefit everyone equally and you help out those on low incomes the most PLUS, wait for it, you give everyone the incentive to do better and work harder because the top tax rates are lower!

Sadly Cullen's dogma wont let him see reason and because he wants control, his tax cuts come in the form of welfare through his oxymoronic titled "working for Families" welfare package.

Local Hero's

Finally, the local council elections last week across New Zealand saw a huge move to the conservatives.

In Auckland, my local patch, the face for radio, Dick "Serial Killer" Hubbard, was sunk by the aptly named "Banksie".

Banksie has promised to stem Dick's out of control spending, when at one silly stage ratepayers were forking out 70,000 bucks for Somali families to call back home to see if elections were going OK.

That is not a joke.

Hubbard was a Labour backed lackey frequently seen on the lap of Helen Clark, our fearless Prime minister.

On Auckland's North Shore, where I live, George "If you cant afford increased rates then bugger off somewhere else" Wood was ousted for his lavish spending on overseas travel, a $40,000.00 council chocolate biscuit bill and a fleet of council vehicles so large stacked end to end would reach to the moon and land on that expensive white elephant the North Shore Busway, should a small wind blow.

Elsewhere, noted lefties and local radio racists Willie "one eyed" Jackson and John "Good Cop" Tamihere where spectacular failures in their quests to get the mayoral chains.

Jackson was heard to say on radio the next day that uncontested "Maoori Seats should be brought in so people like him could represent "their" people.

South Aucklanders were the clear winners for Little Willies absence.

Greed is Good

Emerson, NZ Herald, Thursday October 11 2007

C Darren Rickard 2007

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