Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sharetrader do dirty on Share Investor Forum

Further to the saga of Sharetrader VS the old Share Investor Forum site.

I have finally put two and two together.

Ive just been busy really.

One of the individuals has "connections" with the removal of my Share Investor Forum in July 2007 is the owner of Tarawera Publishing, Good Returns Books and owner of Sharetrader and Sharechat, my competition at the time.

They emailed me months back asking me to remove "unauthorised" advertising of their Good Returns Bookstore on my sites in 24 hrs otherwise legal action would be taken against me.

I was actually an affiliate of theirs.

The owner also pointed out to me in a phone conversation that the reason for removal of my site was for "copyright violation" but he denied links to the Sharetrader site.

He is clearly the owner.

In my opinion, when you take everything I have stated above, I find it hard to believe that the company is not connected with the shenanigans that I have outlined.

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