Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 4

Mallard's Fisticuffs rewarded in Cabinet Reshuffle

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Trevor Mallard and the new Labour Cabinet - He's now The Speaker of the House 2017

While Helen Clark has been rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic today, her cabinet reshuffle excluded boffer boy Trevor Mallard from being demoted and therefore he has managed to walk away from the violence that he inflicted on Tau Henare last week.

No surprises that Clarke has let yet another Cabinet Minister off their responsibilities when they f up because that has been par for the course over the last 8 years. Almost a dozen ministers have been let off for their various crimes and not so mis-demeanor's.

Drunken driving, fraud, assault, dishonesty and corruption have been among the list of misadventures by ministers.

The driving force behind these lapses has of course been our own fearless leader.

Aunt Helen has stolen taxpayer money to fund an election, lied about passing the anti smacking bill, fraudulently applying her signature to a document, sped at 170km through a small town in her car and a multitude of other crimes that escape my memory at present.

She hasn't taken responsibility for any of these things

No wonder Duckman was let off the hook.

Playing snap has never been this much fun

News last week that Pita Sharples used the race card to get political exposure was rounded upon by Labour lap dog Winston Peters who agreed that yes Pita was using the race card and what was he doing using the card that he was accustomed to using leading up to an election year.

The race card was pulled out by political racist Sharples when he called the raids against terror suspects in the Uraweras racist against Maori, even though the suspects were training with illegal weapons, napalm and god knows what else-possibly army surplus swiss army knives.

Peters called snap on Pitas race card when he said Pita was using the race card by calling the raids racist and he was only doing it for political gain.

Pita subsequently snapped back that Peters was using the whole situation for political gain and criticism that he was doing the same was condemned as racist.

The game has continued but given that Peters is dressed much more immaculately than Pita, Peters is bound to win this game of snap.

Christ the race card is Peters game!

No news yet that Sharples isn't playing with a full deck.

Tizard the Joker in reshuffled Deck

Image result for judith tizard cartoon

News today that the Auckland issues portfolio is going to be ditched can't be much of a surprise to the Minister Judith Tizard.

She has struggled to make any headway in the big smoke and the negative legacy of her mother as the Mayor of Auckland in the 1980s lingers in the Junior Tizard's failure to get Auckland traffic moving in a forward direction.

Perhaps the single biggest loser by her was her failure to get another habour crossing anywhere close to being built.

The aging bridge is in danger of collapsing but don't worry Judith has faith that it will stay upright.

Lets cross our fingers.

Cartoon: Emmerson

c Darren Rickard 2007

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