Thursday, October 25, 2007

Duck Season Extended: Trevor Mallard must go
Trevor takes out the Trash

You don't get comedy written this well. Trevor Mallard took a swing at Tau Henare and him square in the face in a Parliamentary corridor yesterday.

Mallards motivation was the taunting by Henare in chambers about Mallards personal life falling about his ears.

The main spark to the big ducks fire was the National Party member Henare calling Mallard a hypocrite for abusing Don Brash in Chambers last year about leaving his wife for a new partner 20 years ago, while all the while Trev had left his wife or was possibly cheating on her, although that cannot yet be confirmed.

Mallard was one of the collectivists who voted for the anti smacking bill this year, a bill supposedly passed to stop violence. The "h" word is clearly appropriate again.

Lets face it, Mallard is one if the most inappropriate people to be in the position he is in.

His nasty, venal and ugly form of politics is more at home in Muldoons era rather than the touchy feely PC hairiness of Helen Clark's far left smothering.

He can dish out the nastiness but cannot take it. He clearly ain't clever enough to use his intellect to retort so has to resort to fisticuffs.

The most interesting part of this whole saga though is the reaction of Clark and her sisterhood to the violence that Mallard has displayed.

If this had been Hehare throwing the punch you can be sure Helen and co would be baying for Henare's job and the language used by her to describe the incident would be forceful and straightforward.

Instead Mallard has apologised and Clark has done her best to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

The double standards are obvious here.

The physical violence of Mallard is of course is only surpassed by the social, psychological and economic violence of Labour Party policies of the last 8 years, so the acceptance by the Labour Party of Mallards despicable behaviour could be at least understood somewhat.

Parliamentary rules require that such incidents require severe punishment even losing ones position in Parliament completely.

Clearly this needs to happen in this case and nothing short of Mallard losing his job should be acceptable to the New Zealand public, excluding nutcase Labour voters of course.

Real violence like this, isn't acceptable. Duckman has made a habit of this kind of offensive stuff, once threatening to place a large Heineken bottle up a prominent persons dark places. This should be the last post for him.

Any other person in any other job would be sacked instantly.

Duckman needs the bullet.

C Darren Rickard

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