Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Burger Fuel: Beefing up store numbers

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Your favourite search topic on the Share Investor Blog is "Burger Fuel" and far be if from me to care about being labeled a populist, but never mind I will wear that label with pride as long as the readers keep coming.

Here is a BFW update in week 3 of the companies listing on the NZAX.

Sellers are queuing up now at way below the NZ$ 1 IPO price with sellers at .80c and the first buyer at 60c , although 60c clearly values the company too high. No trades as yet today.

Getting closer to my entry price of below 30c but still no cigar.

News out today also that BFW have opened their 22nd store in Tauranga. Good on them for doing so and I hope the surfies down there get the munchies as often as they can, so as to frequent their local burger bar and boost the BFW share price.

It could definitely use the help.

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