Thursday, August 16, 2007

Market Musings on the NZX

Market watchers in North America and Europe may well be asleep as I write this. If you were down in this part of the world you would be watching your portfolio drop once again after NZX investors took their lead from you who are asleep at present. The NZX is down 60 points as I write with the ASX down 165.

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My portfolio is down almost 20% from this years highs and the bulk of that drop has been in the last two weeks.

Fear has gripped our market and our dollar cross with the US dollar has fallen from an all time high of over 81c to less than 70c as I write because foreign investors are moving their Kiwi investments offshore for "safer" risks.

I am not selling and will not sell but my main problem at the moment is when to buy more of what I already hold. There are 4 stocks out of the 11 that I hold that have fallen below their original purchase price but they seem to becoming cheaper and cheap by the day. I wait with my finger poised on the buy button on my computer screen.

One stock I am looking at more closely, now that the Summerset Retirement float has been cancelled today, is my holding in Ryman Healthcare (RYM) the Retirement home operator. It is looking tasty but could go lower.

Opportunities also abound in NZs Blue chips. Telecom New Zealand(TEL) is due a 14c dividend soon and is trading well down. Fletcher Building (FBU) has been given a right troweling as of late, with a 23c dividend due and Sky City Casino (SKC) has its chips down a few days before their full year announcement on Monday 21 August.

Auckland International Airport (AIA) has news that just over 6% of its shares have been purchased by Infratil (IFT) in conjunction with a Government Retirement fund, a potential blocker of a merger between AIA and Dubai International Aerospace. Strangely AIA shares are up today.

Steel and Tube (STU) the steel maker and supplier, have announced a 10% profit decrease today on increased business costs and increased revenue. A 14c dividend waits in the wings for STU shareholders.

Fisher and Paykel Appliances(FPA) has announced that they are moving their electronics division to Thailand. It will share a factory roof with the washer division that announced plans to move there earlier this year. 96 jobs will go from South Auckland with a saving to FPA of 6 million dollars.

Meanwhile the Labour Government is in trouble with its voters because the partially State owned and listed airline , Air New Zealand (AIR) has been carrying Australian troops to get them to theatres of war in the Middle East, something that cuts against the beliefs of Labour ministers and a minority of over vocal New Zealanders. The share price landed sharply.

On a much lighter and perhaps tasty note, for the third day in a row Burger Fuel(BFW) has failed to trade.

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