Saturday, August 11, 2007

Labours Socialist Peril

We are just over a year from probably one of New Zealands most important elections in generations. Important because we currently have a party in power that have us doomed and heading towards a socialist utopia(theirs)that would have Helen Clark and her merry band of brothers and sisters and their Labour Party telling its citizens exactly what they should be doing.

Complete control of New Zealand by an elitist bunch of individuals who have an agenda of turning the "Swedish Model" of socialism that they aspire New Zealand to have into some sort of Stalinist, Maoist, Clarkist, Fascist, South Pacific 1930s Germany.

Some of us have learnt from history how socialism didn't work and we also know from history that socialism will never work in the present or is good for our countries future. Micheal Cullen, the Dr of History, should take on board the lessons that his craft has taught him. If you ignore history you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of an idea, thought or in Labour's case their socialist agenda, that clearly makes that idea a redundant one. Are you listening Micheal!

Let us canvas briefly Labours last 8 years in office. We must all continue to be reminded as to what this group of angry, vindictive, nasty individuals have foisted on New Zealand and some of the crimes against our freedoms that have been imposed upon us.

Without a doubt the biggest blot on our countries freedom has been the rights of parents and their right to parent as they see fit.

Removal of the right of a parent to smack a child if he puts himself in danger or the parent has no other recourse for punishment would be funny if it wasn't so serious. Like Labour's removal of physical punishment in schools during the 1980s, sensible practical people all know where this has led schools to in the present day. Pupils now run classes and are allowed to swear, be unruly and hit teachers and pupils without consequence. Removal of the threat of physical punishment in schools has led to more violence, not less as the left would have you believe.

The same reason has been given for the removal of the rights of a parent to lightly smack a child, that is, to prevent violence. If you learn from history and common sense we all know that is going to happen. Learn from history Labour.

The nanny state has also been busy telling us what we should eat, drink, smoke ,say and think and at the same time using taxpayers money in a Stalinist way to "educate" the masses, using TV, Newspapers and other media to brainwash Kiwis into thinking that the bizarre is normal. It wont be long before the government is running supermarkets and pumping gas!!

The attack on the Family through legislation to make same sex "marriage" normal for homosexuals and lesbians is part of the sustained attack by Labour's "Rainbow Youth" section and the continued striving by them to make Government mandated same sex relationships a legitimate thing. Us Heteros don't want Government meddling in our relationships why would the queer folk want the same?

The legitimisation of prostitution by Labour legislation its no surprise. Minister Phil Goff's proposal that the age of consent be brought down to 12 gives the public an idea as to what Phil and his comrades have in store for us should they continue to hold the reins of power going forward.

The loose morals and low standards of Labour's leader, Helen Clarke, have not only pervaded its parties policies and law making but have clearly been evident in Clarke's colleagues actions and attitudes.

From the top down we can see a litany of lies, deceit and subterfuge not seen since Richard Nixon took office in the United States.

Helen Clarke has been caught out lying several times; falsely signing paintings, professing not to know what was happening around her as her Ministerial car sped through a 50KM zone at 170KM(yeah right!)so she could get to a Rugby game and a long list of other fibs and spins including the stealing of 850,000 dollars of taxpayer money to buy the 2005 election and then the passing of a law under urgency to legitimise this theft. Something tricky dicky would be proud of and incidentally something he was impeached and sacked for.

We had drop kick lefties like Chris Trotter coming out in their newspaper columns saying that the theft was legitimate and if the means to this end was to deny National its place in Government, theft and lying was acceptable.

Clarke's Minister David Benson Pope has been caught out lying twice, that we know of. He lied to Parliament twice during the great tennis ball incident and the recent case of the sacking by him of Madeline Setchel, then repeated the lies to media.

We also had the case just before the 2005 election of Phillip Field, where there is clear evidence he has been found to be taking bribes from his electorate and using slave Labour in Samoa to get houses he owns renovated. This was apparent before the 2005 election but our largely leftist mainstream media were more interested in the non-story of National and the money coming from a religious group.

Chris Trotter and his media ilk ignored the cover-up of the Phillip Field scandal because if Field had lost his electorate of Mangere then Labour would have been outski in 2005. David Lange would be spinning in his grave!!

We also had one of Clarke's Ministers caught drunk behind the wheel while Minister for ACC and a Minister who was illegitimately claiming expenses for living in taxpayer funded accommodation and a long, long list of other sleaze, spin and lies too long to list in this brief article.

Let us not forget the mishandling of our economy my Micheal Cullen and his social misfits. During a time when all economic factors conspired to give us the best economic conditions we have had in generations the best the economy could do was 3.5% growth.

Cullen has squandered that growth by taxing the life out of its citizens ,while at the same time on such a reckless Government spending spree that bureaucrats have increased by more that 30% in 8 years.

Dr Cullen has milked the middleclases of its hard earned wealth filtered it through Government lackeys and "given" it back through Welfare benefits, through "Working for Families" and other nutcase socialist schemes. Never before in our history have New Zealanders had so many people reliant on the State(other taxpayers)through welfare.

Probably the epitome of ridiculousness was the 2005 election bribe of free student loans. Dr Cullen's theory that if there is no interest on student loans and that students therefore will pay back loans quicker defies even the logic of a sane man. This collective individual (an oxymoron if I ever heard one)is in charge of the taxpayers purse strings. Remember though he is going to have another go at bribing you again with your own money in 2008.

Cullen's high taxes, amongst the highest in the world, is clearly killing the economy. Not only are his high taxes and proliferate spending putting a nail through business and productivity but they have given rise to the highest interest rates in the developed world. Our dairy farmers have little to do with the rising dollar, it has more to do with Dr Cullen's out of control spend and tax regime. Socialism at work!!

Now I could continue to trot out acre after acre of prose about the nasty, vindictive, morally corrupt lot that call themselves our leaders but I want to leave that up to you to comment on. For or against.

What we must not forget though is the attacks by our Government on our freedoms our pockets our minds our consciences and the socialist agenda that is wrapped around it are set to continue unabated if this swine get elected again in 2008.

It is up to you to remember what the ultimate in socialism did to Stalinist Russia.

Millions perished.

c Political Animal 2007

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