Monday, August 13, 2007

Fully Aware of Muslims: Jihad & Understanding

My eyes would glaze over if the subject wasn't so serious because I have heard it many times before.

Its Muslim Awareness Week( MAW) again in New Zealand and this kicks off a week of hand wringing Liberal guilt likely to rival what members of the Catholic faith feel over Catholic Priests and their penchant for little boys.

A press release by Labour today encapsulates the misunderstanding that the loony Left would have the public believe that the majority of Muslims love the West, have nothing against "us" are purely emigrating to Western nations like New Zealand because they want to spread love, joy, happiness, peace and want to envelope us all in a group hug. It is all in the interests of that wonderful word that you cant disagree with because if you do you are labeled either a racist, sexist, homophobic or any other label that the left want to stick you with because they don't have a valid argument to counter the common sense view that the opposite is true. That word is "diversity". Arrcchhh!!

In the interests of my readers I will try not to use the D word again here least it make you violently sick. It is a word that has largely lost its meaning because of the corruption of it by the left.

Anyway back to the press release.

This week in New Zealand is "Muslim Awareness Week" a week of State funded hand wringing over the guilt brought on by the Wests involvement in liberating Iraq and the subsequent outpouring of vitriol against our Muslim brothers by the least sensitive of us heathens in the West. Carter and his comrades from Iraq were also involved in a march through Auckland's North Shore this last weekend to raise funds for Iraqi refugees, who doubtless, we will find some entering our shores and willing to spread the good word. Can you sense my sarcasm dear readers?

This week, sponsored by yours truly and 2 million other working Kiwis MAW will help us understand our Muslim comrades, bring us closer together and "normalise" our dual relationships:

“Nevertheless, world events have shown us here in New Zealand that it is important to promote greater communication and understanding between people of different faiths and backgrounds".

The underlying message that MAW wants to spread and being championed strangely by the openly gay Labour Minister Chris Carter is that we all just need to "understand" each other and accept other cultures:

"Ethnic Affairs Minister Chris Carter is welcoming moves by the local Muslim community to demystify their religion and customs.

Promoting greater unity among the diverse peoples who call New Zealand home is the theme of Islam Awareness Week 2007 which began yesterday. The annual event is organised by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) and supported by the Office of Ethnic Affairs and the Human Rights Commission".

Bizarre that New Zealands Muslim community would use a gay minister to promote their cause because as we all know the Muslim "faith" allows that queer folk must be silenced in the most final and gruesome of ways. Of course the left and misunderstood groups do often make strange bedfellows, pun intended, to get political points across to the unwashed masses like us.

The New Zealand Labour Party and their attempt to buy Muslim votes has started and it is still over a year away from an election.

Okay you say what is the point of this column you ask yourself?

Ill stop the bullshit then.

What is clear , as opposed to the diatribe and invective postulated by Chris Carter is that Muslims as a whole do not fit well into Western society, their "culture/religion" doesn't allow it, and Muslims and their proponents have a propensity to rail against us when a few probing questions are asked say on their views of the ultimate western culture, America.

There is also the small question of the Jihad that Muslims have out on the West.

Once again the Liberal lefty media In New Zealand have lapped this up unquestioning of the thrust of this MAW week. Pathetic!

I am looking forward to a State sponsored Catholic awareness week so we can understand a priests love for young children and taxpayer funds spent so we can understand a whole group of other religions that tithe families to "help their congregation".

The message of MAW is accepted without dissent and opinion to the contrary will be labeled intolerant.

I have an adjective for my readers.


c Darren Rickard

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