Monday, September 27, 2010

Hallenstein Glassons Ltd: Should I stay or should I go?

Chart forHallenstein Glassons Holdings Ltd (HLG.NZ)

The Hallenstein Glasson Holding Ltd [HLG.NZX] 2010 full year profit out today has managed to push shares in the company up by 12c to $4.24 at time of writing and it looks like the attached dividend of 17c will see a very good rise in stock price as short term dividend strippers come in for a quick buck. The rise in the HLG stock price has outstripped the rise in the NZX50 index (see chart above)

The share price at current levels (see 21 year chart below) has reached 2 years highs not seen since the pre-2008 stockmarket crash but is still well off its all-time high of around $5.75 (way too high) reached back in late 2006. It reached a low of not much more than 2 bucks in 2009 -way too low.

My very small investment in HLG began in July 2008 when I bought 1000 shares at $2.53 and since then if you include the increase in share price, dividends and tax credits I have had almost a 100% return in just over 2 years.

A pretty good return in the midst of the worst recession in my lifetime and time to have a look to see if this stock is worth selling.

My investment model rests on long-term returns but if somebody is willing to offer me good money for my shares after having had a n excellent return on my investment then who am I to argue?

I err on the side of holding, because the company is well managed and pays a very good dividend but anything north of 5 bucks will get me online to the broker for a sale.

I will let you know what happens.

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