Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I remember going to see the original Wall Street back in 1987 (see clip from movie below) around the time of the global stockmarket crash. At the time I wasn't even aware of the stockmarket and its influence on the globe.

I went to see the movie because Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas were big stars at the time and people saw Wall Street because of the actors and because the movie was topical.

I haven't seen the movie since but the sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, is about to be unleashed on us at a time when the subject of the movie is topical again.

Like most Oliver Stone movies you have to take fact as he sees it rather than fact as it is and if you can get past what will probably be his leftish preachiness on how the capitalist system is a failure and the blame should be solely focused on the subjects in this movie then you will probably find the sequel an entertaining romp.

It has probably been done a little better in 2000's American Psycho, with a little violence and sex chucked in of course but the Wall Street sequel might be worth the 15 buck admission price.

Apparently Sheen makes a cameo (where did he find the time away from filming that intellectual tour de force that is his sitnoncom) as does Warren Buffett.

Greed is good! Again.

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  1. so looking forward to this!

  2. Peat, it might have to wait for the DVD for me but I will see it at some stage.


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