Saturday, September 18, 2010

Police not to Blame for fleeing criminals death

News reports intimating that criminals who sped away from police and two died as a result of their stupidity, are the victims of errant police is yet another story from the left slanted in the wrong direction.

While nobody deserves to die, the driver of the car that sped away from police and those in the car must take the full blame and for two of them that blame ended in death.

No great loss at all.

The driver and the occupants of the car were lucky that innocent people were not killed as a result of their decision to boot it. Innocent people were certainly put at risk by their failure to think before they acted.

Police need to chase when appropriate otherwise we live a a lawless country where idiots like these rule over the good, law abiding citizens that most of us are.

Time to support the cops.

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  1. >No great loss at all.

    You forgot to add bloggers to your list of lowlives.

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  3. Have the courage to put your name to your opinion.

    Those individuals could have killed an innocent and were only lucky they didnt.

    Had they killed someone I doubt whether remorse would be in their vocab.

    You must take responsibility for your actions and not expect others to feel sorry for you if your lack of respect for others leads to your own death.

  4. My name is you. I am you. And you are a reflection and extention of me. I am not here to persecute or judge, just a mere mirror. You can choose to take on board what I say or not. By putting yourself above the subjects of your discussion, you actually appear as inferior. All loss of life is a great loss, even yours. Be well. Be kind.

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  6. Anon, I don't believe all loss of life is equal. If you are willing to put others lives at risk, clearly you have no respect for your own so why should I?

  7. It's an age old argument, mate. I think it's called the Golden Rule. Treating people how you want to be treated, instead of how they treat you. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth leaves everyone blind and on a liquid diet. Your judgments only hurt you. That's why.

  8. Without judgment and then appropriate correction idiots like these continue to make unwise decisions that put the public in danger.

    This is how they hurt people like you and me. They take lives of innocents and it will increasingly happen as we continue along the lines of your thinking.


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