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Video: Allan Bollard on his book "Crises"

Q+A: Interview with Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard…

Source: Q+A - See Interview Transcript Sunday September 05, 2010

Guyon Espiner interviews Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard.

I just wondered the merits or otherwise of a reserve Bank Governor who is supposed to show complete lack of bias one way or another to any Government then goes on to critique that Government while still in office over some of its policies in his new book Crisis: One Central Bank Governor and the Global Financial Collapse.

Should a Reserve Bank Governor wait until he leaves his position before writing a book on his time at the bank?

Absolutely he should.

In his book Alan Bollard talks about the the machinations behind what happened at the bank in October 2008 during the global financial crises in relation to his job and the liaison he had with the Labour Government at the time.

He is critical of Labour during the crises and the current Government for its jobs policies.

He seems to be quite candid with much of what he says in the book but at the same time says there are some details he has had to leave out.

Mr Bollard is entitled to an opinion but as Reserve Bank Governer we the people are not supposed to know the biases, political or otherwise, that he might have towards his employers lest we are able to figure out more easily his modus operandi for setting the official cash rate every few months.

Why have a Governer at all, why not let the market set the rate if he is going to spill hits guts in office.

Best to leave the book until retirement Alan and then perhaps you will be able to include all the stuff you left out.

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