Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Dick with no Balls

If it isn't bullying Peter Jackson around by threatening to close down his production of the Hobbit, it is petulant, childish behavior by primary school teachers, threatening the future of New Zealands children.

I am talking about nasty, filthy little unions who are always doing the best for themselves rather than the people they claim to represent.

I was absolutely disgusted yesterday by the behaviour of the teachers union and their treatment of their boss Ann Tolley at a conference in Rotorua.

They yelled and screamed, they sat silent holding childish little banners during a Tolley speech, ignoring their guest throughout.

I mean this is the kind of stuff their kids might do!

Some of them actually had their own kids there, reminiscent of the manipulation by some union teachers of their pupils when they got them write to Anne Tolly asking her for a pay rise!

What kind of bloody example is this setting for those they say they teach and care about?

It is clear though that they are putting themselves before their pupils when, like their secondary school counterparts, threaten to strike to get pay rises that are not possible during a deep recession.

Some would say that pupils of these teachers would be better off without them in the classroom, given their lack of morals, principles, their boorish and threatening behaviour and the clear refusal of them to teach properly to the new curriculum and the higher standards that go along with the improved syllabus.

They need some education though, as poor as it might be.

It is clear that this isn't about pupils and their education, it is about greed, it is about the inability and laziness of these teachers to teach to a standard that parents, their employers, want and it is about politics.

We need good teachers that will follow their bosses wishes and those good teachers should be paid more. Those filthy, dirty little collectives in the teachers unions who are clearly not up to par teaching-wise, need to be given the boot.

We don't need their poor example setting, low standards and inability to see that parents want better education.

Anne Tolly has a hard job, but she looks like a tough individual. She needs to stand her ground against these bastards and so far she has done an admirable job. It is time for her to turn the screws and send a message.

Our kids are not getting the best from union teachers and they deserve better.

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