Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Key's Socialist streak political weakness

Two stories from this week got me highly annoyed about my decision to vote National in the last election.

One was the provision of money to be used to insulate New Zealand homes and the other the idea from the Prime Minister to ban the over the counter sale of cold remedies that contain Pseudoephedrine.

On first look the idea that the Government pay to insulate New Zealand homes is a good one - warmer homes, less cost for heating healthy occupants and it doesn't cost them the full whack.

But hang on a sec what happened to working hard, saving the dosh and paying for it yourself?

You know, taking responsibility for your own life and keeping yourself warm.

Then the cold remedy thing really gets me steamed because I am a happy user of Pseudoephedrine products-they bloody work for me!  Banning a product that overwhelmingly gives relief for 10s of thousands of users every Winter because morons with a drug habit cant control their base urges makes little sense. These people will get their kicks whether we ban this or that anyway.

Both of these decisions from the Nats reject the proposition that they pushed before the election that individuals need to take responsibility for their actions and their lives and it seems the evil socialist streak that John Key had embedded in him as a child is coming out simply because it is politically advantageous to do so.

This is not what I voted the National Party in for. I want my fellow kiwis who can take responsibility for themselves given the ability to do so. To spoon feed us in the way these two examples above do is simply more of the same stuff we got from the previous lot and it needs to stop.

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