Thursday, May 21, 2009

Even with Lipstick and an agenda a pig is still a pig

Judging by the fuss made by Labour and their mates in the left wing media over the last few weeks in regard to Melissa Lee and Christine Rankin, they haven't learnt a thing from the mud flinging and finger pointing that was done before the November General Election, an election that they lost in a landslide to National.

In Melissa Lee's case they labeled her a racist for telling the truth about crime ridden South Auckland and then Duncan Donut from TV3 tried to pin her with taking taxpayer money to pay for electioneering.

With Christine Rankin they hit her with the "unsuitable" label because she doesn't agree with the PC sisterhood over the way our children are raised.

To the brain dead non-thinking individual these accusations ring true but to those who think these accusations lack even the slightest hint of moral fibre they are at best slanderous and at worst racist themselves.

Why is this being done though?

Well, when you label an individual with a PC lefty moniker you are able to get the PC media on board, then try and bully them into submission.

This has the effect of stifling real debate by using that label and then further allows the media to bully and victimise the labeled.

It is anti democratic and was used by Labour before the 2008 election and is typical left wing nastiness. As in 2008 it will backfire on Labour because Kiwis hate unfairness and this is clearly unfair.

What it allowed Labour to do in the above examples was to first avoid the blame for the crime they fostered in hell holes like South Auckland over the last 9 years and for their similarly poor record over child beatings and death and the failure of the United Future sop, the Families Commission to do anything about it, proving that Rankin's appointment was appropriate.

Subterfuge like this is used to avoid responsibility for the Left's part in the very same problems they are pointing the finger of blame at people like Melissa and Christine.

It is morally wrong and it is used to hide the truth and when you cant speak the truth you know you have a problem.

Just today the Labour Party Candidate David Shearer was caught out telling the truth about the very same thing the Left have been frothing swine-like at the mouth over for the last 2 weeks.

When he called South Auckland's unemployed "criminals" there was a certain amount of truth to it. Just as Melissa Lee's comment was.

Nothing wrong with speaking your mind.

Did the media set on it as with Melissa?

You guessed it, No.

They really shouldn't because what is wrong with David speaking his mind? To be consistent with their history on such things though the Left Media really should go after Shearer with the same venom and jealously that they went after Lee and Rankin.

Will they?


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