Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rankin's appointment stirs the Lazy Left

To have the Labour Party, Sue Bradford, that guy from the United Future Party (isn't that name an oxymoron with just one member?) and the navel gazing left media disagree with something means you surely must be on the road to something momentously truthful.

Having appointed Christine Rankin a commissioner in the Families Commission (not sure what they do, does anyone?) the left gets frothy at the mouth over an attractive well dressed woman with a strong opinion that they disagree with and the balls to make it known to everyone, simply because they feel threatened by her common sense and drive.

The fact that she comes from a practical background from the "wrong side of the tracks", instead of the Labour Party breeding ground of university political studies classes and unions brings their hackles up even more.

They feel threatened, challenged and understandably nervous with a capable person in their midst.

I cant wait for the shake up because these academics, theorists, leftist brain dead bureaucrats need a good kicking.

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